TISC Data Sets

UK Modern Slavery Act

Section 54 MSA Basic: Statement/No Statement

See which of your suppliers have modern slavery statements, and which ones do not. Where statements exist, links to live statements or to the cached versions (where no longer live) are provided.

section 54 MSA in-scope

Section 54 MSA Standard: (potential) in-scope Status

This data set is exclusive to TISCreport and produced using proprietary financial data extracted from Companies House, corporate structure data and trading status from multiple data sources in order to identify companies in scope of Section 54.

Living Wage Employer Accreditation Data set

TISCreport is an accredited living wage employer as well as a Living Wage Ambassador. Thanks to our partnership with Welsh Government and the Living Wage Foundation we are able to make this available to all members via their supplier dashboard.

Welsh Dragon Anti-Slavery Partnership Logo

Welsh Ethical Employment in Supply Chains Code of Practice Signatories

Our partnership with Welsh Government is based on their ground-breaking new Ethical Employment in Supply Chains Code of Practice. This data is free as CSV and updated daily via the Welsh Government portal but changes can be seen live via supplier dashboard.

social enterprise

Social Enterprise Data Set

As  B-corp social enterprise we are determined to make social impact companies more visible in supply chains so you can make your budgets have MUCH more impact. Certified B Corporations achieve a minimum verified score on the B Impact Assessment—a rigorous assessment of a company’s impact on its workers, customers, community, and environment—and make their B Impact Report transparent on bcorporation.net. This data set also incorporates non-certified, self-identifying social enterprises and any associated membership bodies that can validate their status. 

gender pay gap

Gender Pay Gap Compliance/Non-Compliance Data Subscription

The compliance data set for Gender Pay Gap is available for free via gov.uk. However our own data set also includes those in scope who have not yet reported (ie those entities that are non-compliant). Each parameter of the GPG report can be filtered and sorted by against organisation lists.

payment practices reporting

Payment Practices & Performance Reporting 2017

This data set uses proprietary financial data extracted from Companies House and also includes those in scope who have not yet reported (ie those entities that are non-compliant).

We provide the ability to filter and sort by any of the data fields associated with PPPR data.

MSA Statement AI Audit

Section 54 MSA Statement Compliance Criteria AI Automated Assessment Data Sets [BETA]

This provides an AI automated technical assessment of statement quality on available statements. Nine criteria are assessed, and we provide a qualitative star rating based on the number of those criteria passed for each statement. This will save considerable time for those checking due diligence data for tenders etc. The criteria include: Published on the UK website,  Approved by the board,  Signed by a director, the companies to which the statement applies, the financial year, up-to-date statement etc.

cyber essentials community data subscription

Cyber-essentials Certification TISC Community Data Set [BETA]

This is a partial data set aggregated from Suppliers on TISCreport and therefore not exhaustive. However all subscribing members can use TISCreport to request proof of certification, which will then be shared with you as a subscriber.

FSA data sets

Food Standards Agency Accreditation Data Sets

The FSA has multiple data sets on the various aspects of food safety regulations they enforce which we also have available. This data is available for free via the FSA website, or we provide a service to pull in the aggregated data, match it  against your suppliers in your dashboard for a monthly or annual subscription. As the data catalogue available from the FSA is quite extensive, pricing depends on which data sets are chosen. Talk to us about what would be useful.

Prompt Payment Code Signatories and Suspensions

The Prompt Payment Code is a voluntary code of practice for businesses committing to pay their suppliers promptly. The Office of the Small Business Commissioner administers this code and also periodically suspends businesses if they break their commitments. 

We have many more data sets being added continually to provide deeper contextual evidence of organisational behaviours and intentions. If you really want to see social impact from your pruchasing power start your TISCreport journey now!