General Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a set of How-To instructions to start making the most of your TISCreport membership. If you don't see what you want here just drop us a line.

How do I register with TISCreport?

First set up your account here by clicking the "Register for Free" button, or use the link below.

Follow the instructions and fill out your details there so we can assign your statement to your company properly. If you get stuck, use the "Need Help" button at the bottom right hand corner of the page and we'll be right with you!


How do I complete my affiliate authentication?

From your workspace (once you're logged in)

1) Click the "Select Subscription to Complete" button:

2)  Assuming you want the free authenticated account select the "get started" button on "Affilliate" membership from that page.

3) Generate your unique code, which looks like the code below, but generated specifically for your company (so don't use this code!):

<!-- TISCreport AFFILIATE CODE 97b7360049bf95ea8edce9d6edea40ab --><a href="" title="UK modern slavery act compliance and anti-slavery statement central register"><img alt="UK modern slavery act compliance and anti-slavery statement central register" src=""/></a><!--END OF CODE-->

Ask your web developers to place this code onto your home page (probably best in the footer with your other association logos).

4) Once this is done, go back to your workspace and click "Validate Code"

If the code has been correctly placed your account will validate.

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you experience any issues.

How do I add my compliance statement to my organisation's profile?

After registering your organisation:

1) Go to your workspace whilst logged in:

2)Next to "Legislation Statements" click "Submit New"

If uploading a document:

3)  click "Upload file". 

4) Browse for the file you wish to upload and then click "Upload" once you've selected the right document. Then click continue

Otherwise, if you are submitting a link to your document on your website:

4) select "web address", paste in the web address and then click "Continue"

You can assign the document to one of your subsidiaries or some of them once uploaded. 


How do I change my email address?

You can actually do this via your account (because we are administering a compliance request from a Government body it is better if you control your own data):

When logged in, click on workspace, and then on the button in the top right "my account" or just follow this link:

Then click the "Edit your Account" button. Here you can change any element of your account including email address.

and you can change your email address there using your password.

You can also get a new password if you don't have it handy here:

Let us know if you have any difficulties and we'll be happy to help.

How do we show our UN SDG Commitments on our public profile?

Once you have registered and authenticated as a member, go to your workspace: and click "Edit Profile".

From there you can sign up to the relevant member organisations for the chosen Sustainable Development Goals for your organisation. Once approved your commitment will show on your public profile and you will become part of the growing business community working together to achieve the targets within those goals!

How do I add more users to my TISCreport account?

When logged into your TISCreport account, click "Account" and select "Subscription"

Under the "Additional Users" heading select "Increase limit".

Add in the number of users you wish to add, click "Continue", confirm the purchase and then wait for your account to update. An invoice will be emailed to you.

Go back to your account overview and you can now click "Add user" and put in their email address. Click "Add" and then "Save Changes".

How do I see data on my suppliers?

1) Whilst logged in, click on the menu options next to your organisation on your workspace:

2) Then select the "Monitoring Dashboards" option.

3) With "Supplier Dashboard" selected, click "create new dashboard".

4)  Click "import suppliers" and follow the instructions for uploading via csv or adding organisations one at a time using the search function.

How do I interpret the star ratings against my suppliers for the AI MSA Data Set?

If you've subscribed to the data set for AI Audit of Section 54 MSA statements then the stars enable you to see at a glance which statements have met some or all of the compliance criteria. It does not tell you which criteria they failed for, but will give you an assessment of statement quality. Critically if you see suppliers who have statements that have failed on all criteria (zero stars) you will want to check their statement actually is a statement (some upload the wrong document) or inform them that they might need to stop blocking TISCbots (bots searching their site from TISCreport) in order to be assessed properly. Be sure to invite them to update TISCreport so that all of their buyers can access the correct statement, reducing the load for others in their due diligence tasks! 


Our tiscreport account holder has left. How do we transfer it to another company team member?

If you have access to the account of your former colleague, you can change the email address on the account and reset the account yourself.

If you need to transfer it and don't have access to the old account you can transfer it using this link:

You will need:
  • To know the existing registered email address for the account
  • The new email address to be the same email domain as the existing registered email address (domain e.g. and must not already be associated with an existing TISC account
  • to have no existing transfer requests relating to the account in question.