About TISCreport

TISCreport in 5 minutes

What is TISCreport?

tiscreport.org is a global Transparency In Supply Chains platform built to help socially responsible organisations #DoLessHarm and #DoMoreGood using their supply chain leverage and our transparency tech.

Our members include corporate buyers, policy makers, journalists, researchers, investors and NGOs.  

How Does TISCreport work?

TISCreport uses AI/ML to:

  • track relationships between legal entities including individuals, corporates, regulatory bodies and charities
  • aggregate and curate contextual ESG data sets
  • provide automation and analysis tools/technologies

to derive insights and accelerate human rights and environmental outcomes on social impact frameworks (including UN SDGs). These help our members assess reported KPIs of suppliers against their (usually more reliable) non-financial compliance and operational behaviours.

What makes TISCreport different?

What makes TISCreport unique is that it is built on TISC.IO, our “Internet of Connected Entities”, connecting global corporate open data sets with proprietary data sources. This makes it more difficult for claims made in isolation to stand up to scrutiny in the context of their relationships and other interactions with their buyers, suppliers, regulators, funders, investors, customers and of course the public. 

Annual statements and reports are snapshots at best. In the same way that average speed checks are far more effective at detecting risky speeding behaviour than speed cameras monitoring only 200 yards of a journey, it is far easier to tell truth and genuine intentions from aspiration or fiction when looking at the pattern formed from a corporate entity's day-to-day compliance behaviours. Our members, like us, believe we're onto something..

About Us

After many years of running our digital agency, Nameless, we decided that we needed to do more than just commercial work to nourish our souls. And so we set up Semantrica Ltd, as a profit-with-purpose social enterprise, to enable us to use our tech and open data skills for good. We were dormant for a while, as we researched solutions that would help us enable corporates to play their part in repairing the damage done to the planet and its people, until we met with an inspirational Anti Slavery Charity called Unseen, and consequently the UK Home Office. Tiscreport.org was born in 2016, to help the UK monitor compliance with the UK Modern Slavery Act. This rapidly extended to tracking supply chains nationally and then globally, and then we started to monitor other #DoLessHarm #DoMoreGood regulations. It began to dawn on us that in a world drowning in corporate whitewashing and greenwashing, we as data scientists had a part to play in providing contextual ESG data that would enable buyers, investors and voters to assess claims made by companies in context of their day-to-day operating patterns. 


How we fund ourselves

We didn't want to set up as a charity. Our overarching mission is to help make saving the planet profitable, and it didn't seem right to work through a tax-exempt vehicle when one of the fundamental values of a responsible corporate is to pay those taxes to fund a more sustainable future. We deliberately chose to operate in the way we expected all our corporate members to act: profit with purpose. It is because of this that our platform sustains itself purely through commercial membership fees, service fees and sponsorship from organisations using our site. Quite simply put, the more subscribers we have, the more good we can do!

You can play your part too by joining our community of public, private and voluntary sector members.

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